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Our Services

We offer many services at Downtown Tarot Company. Explore your options here!

Aura Photography

Aura photography is a visual representation of the electromagnetic field around an individual. A printed aura portrait shows the energy surrounding the subject as a variety of colors, which can be interpreted to reflect the subject's personality and current energetic focus.


Readings are a way to explore the different paths ahead of you and to provide guidance when going through major life transitions. Readings can help you understand more about yourself, your fears, passions and quirks. Every reading is unique to each client and reader.

Special Services

Go beyond traditional psychic, tarot, astrology, or mediumship readings with personalized and individually tailored services such as private mentorship.


Expand your metaphysical knowledge with a wide variety of classes taught by our expert readers. Awaken and develop your intuition and spiritual connection. Learn how to connect, receive, and apply intuitive guidance, messages, and so much more!


Downtown Tarot Company began as "Detroit Tarot Company" in 1999. Detroit Tarot was an event company specializing in psychic event services,
and is now one of the oldest in the state of Michigan. We provide only the most experienced, accurate, and professional readers available, ensuring an authentic and inspiring experience. 

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