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Aura Photography

Aura photography is a visual representation of the energy around a person that is captured and printed as a photograph. An aura portrait shows the electromagnetic field  surrounding the subject in a variety of colors, which can be interpreted based on where each color appears on the portrait.

Aura Portrait
Photography Session 

Downtown Tarot Company's aura reading technology visualizes aura-chakra energy. This is processed by proprietary software to show a detailed representation of the aura colors, chakra levels, and other energetic properties of an individual. 


Each Session Receives: 

Energetic reading of your Aura

4x6 Portrait Photo of your session

Color Interpretation Guide

03292023 - Bri DTC - Pic.png

Full Aura/Chakra Assessment

With this service you receive a comprehensive report detailing your aura, chakras, energy and so much more.

Each Session Receives: ​

Energetic reading of your Aura

4x6 Portrait Photo of your session 

Detailed aura/chakra report

Detailed Report Includes:

Full-Body Digital Aura/Chakra Image Chakra Level Graph

Mind-Body-Spirit Graph

Aura Power Level

Yin-Yang Color Wheel 

Relaxation Level


Comprehensive text explaining each section

Couples Aura Portrait Session

See how your aura blends and combines with another! This service is for any two people, including family, platonic, or romantic partners. You will have the opportunity to see your individual auras first, followed by the aura you create together.


Each Session Includes:

2x couple 4x6 Aura Photographs (so you both get one!) 

Color Interpretation Guide

A couples aura photo with violet and indigo colors
An animal aura photo with a puppy who has a violet and indigo aura

Animal Aura
Portrait Session 

We are excited to offer aura portraits for your pets! While we love all pets, the ideal pet for this portrait will be able to sit and stay for a full five seconds while we capture their energy field. Your pet should be comfortable and well-behaved around other people and animals. If your pet becomes overly excited by new experiences and being in close contact with other pets, you should probably pass on this experience.

Each session includes:
Energetic Reading of your pet's Aura
4x6 Print of your Pet's Aura
Color Interpretation Guide

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