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Our Story

The story behind Downtown Tarot Company

We provided psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, and palm readers to events in and around Detroit, providing services for all types of events from the smallest private parties to the largest community events. We worked with backyard party hosts and international celebrities, and everyone in between. We developed relationships with many Detroit-based event planners and soon became the first choice for all things Tarot in Detroit. We were staples at iconic venues such as the Detroit Zoo, the Henry Ford Museum, all the Detroit casinos, and so many more. Both agencies thrived until 2020 when a global pandemic shut down all events for months, completely devastating the entire event industry.

Where it Began...

Detroit Tarot Company was founded by Alexandria D’Ascenzo and her husband, Andrew, in 2017. Alexandria got her start as the Detroit Tarot reader back in 1999, performing readings at events in and around Detroit. Alexandria and Andrew started an entertainment agency in 2007, which focused on unique performances such as circus acts, fire performance, and psychic readings. Over time the Tarot and Psychic side of the agency grew, and eventually split off on its own and Detroit Tarot Company was born.

Facing a difficult and uncertain future, Alexandria and Andrew decided to take a risk and open a brick-and-mortar store for Detroit Tarot Company.

Facing a difficult and uncertain future, Alexandria and Andrew decided to take a risk and open a brick-and-mortar store for Detroit Tarot Company. In June of 2020, at the height of the COVID lockdown, we opened our first retail store, which was little more than a small office space with one bookshelf and a few small display tables. Alexandria had spent years building her reputation throughout the local metaphysical community, and despite the pandemic, the poor location, and the small retail space, our store was able to succeed. We knew after only a few months that we needed more space, and we soon had the incredible fortune to come across a beautiful building on Main Street in downtown Rochester that was available. In March 2021 we packed our things and moved to Main Street, less than a year after beginning our retail journey.
The new space was more than 4 times the size of the old one, and we absolutely exploded with growth. We brought in local readers, artists, and artisans, and we began hosting classes and events. We started out with only a mission statement, that we are dedicated to the celebration of spiritual and metaphysical diversity. We wanted to be a safe space for everyone, regardless of their religion or spiritual path. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and warm welcome we received from the community. We continue make new connections every day, and always reach for new ways to connect and empower anyone who needs support and inspiration.

Where we are now.

In 2022, we opened a wholesale warehouse and began developing a new line of metaphysical products. We rebranded under our new name, Downtown Tarot Company, and are still growing every day. In addition to our new products and new name, in 2022 we also became the first company in Michigan (or anywhere in the Mid-West) to offer digital Aura Photography services. We still get new crystals, candles, books, and decks in every week, and have an amazing lineup of classes and events. With the pandemic waning, we are also finally returning to our roots, providing psychics to events throughout the Detroit area. What’s next for Downtown Tarot Company? Let’s ask the cards.
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