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Expand your metaphysical knowledge with our wide variety of classes!


Downtown Tarot Club

Wednesday 7/3

Mediumship Circle

Wednesday 7/10

Astrology Circle

Wednesday 7/17

Crystal and Flower Essences

Monday 7/8

Asteroids of the Zodiac

Monday 7/22

Reiki - Level 1 Certification

Tue 7/23

Connecting with Mermaids

Monday 7/29


Downtown Tarot Club

Wednesday 8/7

Mediumship Circle

Wednesday 8/14

Astrology Circle

Wednesday 8/21

Water Divination & Rituals

Monday 8/12

Reiki - Level II Certification

Tuesday 8/13

Predictive Methods of Astrology

Monday 8/26

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2024 Classes


Tarot Series

Tarot 1: Beginner

Think you can’t read the tarot? Think again! This fun and interactive 4-week series will have you reading the cards in no time!

Topics include: Tarot history, structure, and correspondences, as well as an in-depth exploration into card meanings. We’ll discuss the Fool’s Journey, “Who’s Who in the tarot,” and practice reading techniques in a supportive and guided setting for personal discovery.

Tarot 2: Intermediate

A well-constructed layout is the framework for a successful Tarot practice and critical for clear insight. In this 4-week series we will take your Tarot knowledge to the next level by getting into the “nuts and bolts” of card arrangement. We will look at Tarot foundation spreads, an in-depth look at the Celtic Cross, and how to create custom Tarot arrays. This is a fun, hands-on class, so come prepared to ask questions and get answers.

Tarot 3: Advanced

Have you completed Tarot 1 and Tarot 2 and are looking to put the finishing touches on your skills? Advanced Tarot might be the next step in your tarot journey. Each set of Advanced Tarot classes is unique; pick and choose which advanced class you wish to take. Advanced classes include topics such as Becoming a Professional, Birth Cards, and Creating a Story with Tarot.

Awaken and develop your intuition and spiritual connection. Learn how to connect, receive, and apply your guidance and messages.
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