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Fluorite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Spotlight: Fluorite

At Downtown Tarot Company we love all varieties of crystals! Today we wanted to spotlight one of our favorites, both for its beautiful appearance and metaphysical properties: fluorite.

Fluorite is a gangue mineral that can be found worldwide. The largest amounts are found in China, Russia, Morocco, South Africa, and Mexico. In the United States, fluorite can be found in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Colorado, and is even considered Illinois’ state mineral. Historically, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese would carve fluorite into decorative objects, though it was generally too soft for jewelry.

One of the most unique features about fluorite is that it naturally forms in cubes, and comes in many colors, including rainbow, emerald, lavender, amber, and blue. In addition to being a beautiful crystal, fluorite is also often used in the manufacturing of certain glass, enamels, and optical lenses. If you thought fluorite couldn’t get any more interesting, it is also UV reactive!

Metaphysical Properties

The energy of fluorite is wonderful for clarity, focus, and sharpening your intuition. It also has the unique ability of cleansing all seven of the chakras, so it can be a beneficial tool for anyone looking to do energy work. While fluorite can be helpful for those of any zodiac sign, it is highly recommended to improve the decisiveness of Libras and Capricorns, the focus of dreamy Pisces, and to enhance the detail-oriented quality of Virgos.

At Downtown Tarot Company, we have rainbow, emerald, lavender, and amber fluorite in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are interested in rough fluorite, our larger pieces show how the crystal looks when it forms in cubes. We also recently acquired a set of purple and a set of green fluorite “twins” from the Lady Annabella Mine in Weardale, England. The “twins” are individual fluorite cubes that grew together.

Towers, spheres, and slices are popular crystal shapes to decorate and bring energy into a space. Fluorite specifically can be beneficial to keep with you at school, work, or in any environment where focus and mental clarity are a priority. After visiting the annual Denver Gem Show, we brought back some unique larger pieces, such as fluorite bowls and AA grade green faceted freeforms. If you prefer smaller crystals that can be easily carried in a bag or pocket, we also have fluorite palmstones, double points, tumbles, and even carved Pikachus!

Our two largest fluorite pieces in the store are a tower and a freeform, affectionately named Lloyd and Floyd respectively. Although Lloyd is very structured and Floyd prefers to go with the flow, we think they make a wonderful pair.

Crystal Fact of the Week

Pure fluorite is actually colorless. The beautiful shades of green, blue, purple, and yellow seen in fluorite come from elemental impurities that influence the chemical structure.

Check Back with Us Soon

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