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Intuitive Development: Games to Improve Your Intuition

Although some people may come across more naturally intuitive than others, intuition is a psychic sense that everyone has the capacity for. Similar to exercising a muscle or learning a new skill, intuition (or any psychic ability) can be strengthened through consistent practice.

Participating in practices like meditation, energy work, and divination are definitely good ways to improve your spiritual connection and intuition, however, they are not the only ways. Simple, easy, everyday tasks can offer an opportunity to practice using your intuition. In today’s post we will be specifically looking at how to use games as a fun way to practice using your intuition.

Intuition Games

Intuition, though a distinct feeling, can easily go unnoticed in the stress and noise of our everyday lives. This can make it difficult to recognize your intuition when you feel it. With each of the following games, try to focus less on “winning” them, and more on using failures and successes to notice what it feels like when you are tapping into your intuition.

1. Black or Red — For this first game you are going to want a deck of standard playing cards. Start by shuffling your deck of playing cards. Once you have a shuffled deck, choose a card without looking at it. Take a minute to tune into your intuition or any of your other psychic senses. Set the intention that you would like to know whether the card in your hand is black or red. Pay attention to any words that pop into your head or colors that you see in your third eye. When you feel ready, guess whether the card is black or red.

Once you feel confident with guessing “black or red,” you can add more challenges to the game. Instead of just two colors, try to intuitively figure out what number the card is. Or what suit. Or, if you’re feeling really bold, what color, number, and suit! Keep track of how many cards you guess correctly. If you play this game consistently over time, you will likely notice how your intuitive instinct improves.

2. Playlist Shuffle — The next game is an easy one to play while exercising, driving, or doing household chores. Simply put your music playlist on shuffle (or turn on the radio) and try to anticipate what the next song will be. Music is often an easy way for Spirit to communicate because people tend to notice when songs randomly pop into their head. Pay attention to any lyrics or melodies that come into your mind. An alternative way to use music is to set the intention of receiving a message from Spirit, then put on a playlist and notice what lyrics stand out to you. By noticing and trusting this instinct, you may be able to understand the intuitive message intended for you.

3. Deception Games — Yes, the party games. Werewolf, Mafia, Coup, you name it, playing party-style deception games can be a fun way to work on improving your intuition. In many of these games the goal is to discover who in a group of people is lying. While logic can be applied in some of these games, having an intuitive “hunch” about someone can be equally as valid in the game’s context. Especially if your psychic abilities tend towards more physical “vibes” rather than words or images, this may be a good way for you to practice feeling and trusting your intuition.

These are just a few games that you can try, but really almost any situation can be an opportunity to practice your intuition. Have fun discovering what practices, techniques, and games work well for you!

If you are interested in learning techniques to recognize and strengthen your intuition in a professional and collaborative setting, you can sign up for our Intuitive Development Series class being held on Tuesday, April 4 – April 25 at our store in downtown Rochester, Michigan.

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