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Mediumship & Tarot: Interview with Psychic Reader Anna Lyon

Downtown Tarot Company hosts a wide variety of classes and workshops about metaphysical topics. On Tuesday, March 7th Anna Lyon will be teaching Mediumship and Tarot from 6pm-8pm at our store in Rochester, Michigan.

One of our fantastic readers at Downtown Tarot, Anna has a strong connection with Spirit and incorporates mediumship and psychic gifts into her readings. She is incredibly empathic, and her caring approach allows her to help clients onto their best path.

To learn more about Anna’s experience as a reader and what to expect from her Mediumship and Tarot class, enjoy the following interview.

1) Q: You are one of the readers at DTC, but what is the term you would use to best describe yourself (intuitive, psychic, medium, witch, druid, etc.) and your metaphysical practices?

I would describe myself as an intuitive medium. My practices include connecting to the fairy realm and druidic practices. Anything Earth based is very healing for me.

2) Q: How did you become interested in the metaphysical? Specifically, what was your

road to realizing your mediumship abilities and learning tarot?

I became interested in the metaphysical after an intense spiritual awakening. I rebuilt my belief system from there, researching past lifetimes and different spiritual beliefs. Once I began accepting spiritual information that was shown to me, spiritual doors began to open. Tarot was a tool that helped me to connect to my guides and direct me on my path.

3) Q: How would you explain tarot for someone unfamiliar with the practice?

Tarot is actually a medium that can connect us to our intuitive selves and receive messages from the spiritual plane. Through the pictures and meanings of the cards you can receive clarity on problems you experience in your life.

4) Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a psychic/medium? What is the most

challenging aspect?

My favorite part about being in this field is connecting with people who need clarity and helping them see their lives in a different way. When a client returns and lets me know I made a difference in their lives, it is the best feeling. The biggest challenge of being a psychic medium is that I always want to know more, and to be better at what I do.

5) Q: Of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, which card do you feel best represents you?

My favorite card is the Ace of Cups, it always expresses love to me, whether it's coming from the living or from someone who has crossed over. I think the Death card represents me the most, because transitions have been such a big part of my growth.

6) Q: What is one misconception about either mediumship or tarot that you wish people

understood differently?

A misconception I have found about mediumship and tarot is that there is something evil or dark connected to them. I have only experienced loving and healing messages from mediumship and tarot. Seeing the positive results through the people I read for has been wonderful.

7) Q: What can students expect to learn in Mediumship and Tarot?

With Mediumship and Tarot I would like to teach students to see their decks in a different way; the traditional meanings of the cards are not always how the messages come through. The artwork in each deck is used to get messages across. One deck will tell you a different message than another deck.

8) Q: Who is this class for?

This class is for students who have a good understanding of the meanings of the cards and can give a basic reading. We can grow from there to learn mediumship.

9) Q: Why are you excited about teaching this topic?

I am so excited to teach mediumship because souls who have crossed over really love to pass along messages to those who are still on Earth. It is also a way to check in with our loved ones.

10) Q: What is the best advice you can give those exploring their spirituality or different

metaphysical practices?

I encourage anyone exploring their spirituality to learn and experiment with different practices. In doing this you will know which ones work best with what your beliefs are. Your intuition will direct you to what is best for your personal growth.

Sign up for Mediumship and Tarot on Tuesday, March 7.

Book a reading or service with Anna.

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