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Working with the Lunar Eclipse

The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

The second and final lunar eclipse of 2022 is set to occur on November 8th. During a lunar eclipse, the earth passes directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s rays and casting the earth’s shadow across the moon. As the full moon often appears to have a red-orange hue during a lunar eclipse, it is commonly referred to as a “Blood Moon.”

While a lunar eclipse can be striking to look at, many believe that there is energetic and spiritual significance to eclipses as well. Often heralded as times of powerful change, lunar eclipses specifically correspond with emotional cycles; people are pushed to let go of emotions, experiences, and attachments that no longer serve them. Letting go of the old during an eclipse can provide emotional renewal and open the door for new things to come.

A Taurus Moon in Scorpio Season

Currently we are in Scorpio season from October 23 to November 22. As a zodiac sign, the energy of Scorpio is mysterious, determined, emotionally intense, and reflects a curiosity for the unusual or unknown. The sign of Scorpio is also heavily related to change; in tarot, Scorpio is represented by the Death card, which is all about necessary endings in order to create new beginnings.

It's no coincidence that Scorpio season occurs as autumn is evolving into winter. Scorpio season often brings unconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires to the surface, and challenges us to do deep inner work to examine what aspects of ourselves or our lives need to change. As the lunar eclipse is also a harbinger of change, the eclipse both complements and intensifies the energy of Scorpio season.

And if astrology couldn’t get more complicated, it is also important to acknowledge that the moon itself will be in the sign of Taurus during the eclipse. When we say that the moon is “in Taurus,” this refers to the moon’s orbit through the section of the astrological wheel ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus. The energy of Taurus is grounded, stubborn, sensual, and often deals with our material comforts, security, desire to see beauty in the world, and appreciation for what we have.

So, what exactly should we anticipate from a lunar eclipse of a Taurus moon during Scorpio season? Expect change, particularly in regard to finances, career, home, diet, and security. The tension between grounded Taurus and shifting Scorpio may cause unexpected upheavals that push us out of our comfort zone to initiate progress.

How to Work with the Energy of the Eclipse

All in all, the best way to work with the energy of the lunar eclipse is to embrace change rather than fighting it, as well as to use the energetic momentum to end cycles and let go of what you no longer want or need. Below are four ways that you can work with the energy of the lunar eclipse.

1. Candle Magic – Fire is an agent of transformation. This quality makes candle magic especially powerful for bringing in change. Candle magic can be as simple as lighting a candle with a specific intention, such as manifesting something you desire, calling on protective energy, or cutting energetic cords with people. At Downtown Tarot Company we offer many candles designed to enhance the energy of certain intentions. For the lunar eclipse, candles that may be helpful are our Taurus and Scorpio Zodiac Candles to help you work with the energy of these signs, as well as our Moonstone Crystal Candle to enhance your intuition, dreams, and connection to the moon and the unconscious mind.

2. Gratitude Practices – Taurus often deals with appreciation. The Taurus full moon encourages us to acknowledge the people, things, and experiences we may have taken for granted. During the eclipse make it a priority to practice gratitude, whether that means making a list of all the things in your life you are grateful for, calling your loved ones to let them know how much you appreciate them, or just taking time to enjoy the little comforts and unexpected blessings of everyday life.

3. Releasing Rituals – The eclipse is the perfect time to release past or current emotions, relationships, places, things, and experiences that are keeping you stagnant. Rituals are intentional, meaningful actions that can help us to do this. Releasing rituals can be as spiritual as meditating, connecting to nature, and practicing spells, or as mundane as journaling, bathing, and cleaning up a space. Find what practice feels right to you and do it with intention. When we cry, we release emotional energy that needs to be expressed, so especially during the eclipse, don’t be afraid to shed some tears!

4. Self-Reflection – Change is both external and internal, and the eclipse serves as an important time for digging deep into who we are and what we want. Ask yourself some questions: is what you are currently doing reflective of how you truly feel or what you want your life to look like? Consider the ways that you’ve evolved, as well as the ways you still seek to grow. Just as the moon has many phases, reflect on the different phases of your life in a way that accepts and releases your past, honors your present, and embraces all the possibilities of your future.

Crystal Fact of the Week

Kambaba jasper is an uplifting green stone that is good for reminding us of our connection to all living things. This may be in part because kambaba jasper is actually prehistoric fossilized algae. Kambaba jasper’s unique green and black swirled pattern is formed from colonies of microorganisms that are billions of years old.

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