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Special Services


We offer one-on-one sessions with our talented psychics where they will walk you through a specific question or topic of interest. We will cover a topic you would like to explore and help you develop skills to take your practice to the next level. You can now expand your psychic gifts with the help of a professional.



Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes balance and healing on many levels. Reiki can also be described as balancing your Chakras and Energy Field. Reiki is experienced as a light touch or with hands just off the body. After the session, any intuitive information or guidance received will be discussed. Every person’s experience of Reiki is different; clients have reported physical, mental and emotional benefits from Reiki including an overall sense of well-being.

Magical Life 

Magical Life Mapping and coaching is a service for clients looking to explore their inner magic through a multi-dimensional, tarot journey. This program is perfect for anyone looking to discover their intuitive and magical gifts, as well as take responsibility for their energy. Together, we will work to create a tarot life map to identify areas of strength and opportunity. Personalized affirmations and rituals are created to further assist your path towards achieving goals.



Soul Retrieval (SR) is an ancient indigenous practice for personal integration and healing. During a SR, an experienced practitioner enters an active meditative state to retrieve parts of your own energy referred to as “soul pieces.” These are pieces that have naturally fragmented during times of stress and trauma. The practitioner then returns them to your energy field so they can be re-integrated into your life. Individuals experiencing SR have reported feeling a renewed
sense of wholeness, energy, and direction.

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