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We are located on Main St. in historic Downtown Rochester, Michigan. We are just south of 4th street on the west side. Look for the green awning!

We feature a wide range of metaphysical supplies and gifts. Filled to the brim with crystals, you can find just the right specimen to fit your intention. We have a full library of books on topics ranging from tarot to mediumship and everything in-between. Tools such as tarot and oracle decks, candles, herbs, and more can be found here!

Psychic readings, aura photography, and classes are all held in the back of our retail store.

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professional psychic readers

I have been a few times to have a tarot card reading. I have found each time with different readers to be a great experience.....Everyone I have booked with have been super friendly, inviting, and easy to converse with. Whenever I am unsure about things I usually schedule an apt and walk away feeling calm and at ease.

-Katie Temple

The Detroit Tarot company is hands down THE best place for anything and everything metaphysical! From crystals and intention candles, to dried herbs and smudgesticks, you name it they have it, and of wonderful quality. I personally had a 30 minute tarot reading and was blown away by the accuracy and relevance of the cards. I HIGHLY recommend and will most definitely be returning!

I absolutely love this place! The vibes are amazing, and I feel brand new every time I walk out! I take classes here almost every week. These classes include everything from tarot to crystals to how to manifest! These classes are extremely informative and helpful to your spiritual journey. If I had never taken the amount of classes that I have, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today.

-Ava Sanborn

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A blunde of metaphysical herbs and plants
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Seeking clarity? Have questions you want answers to? Need reassurance that you are on the right path? Schedule a reading today and have one of our professional psychic readers use their arsenal of tools to guide you. They will provide you with the inspiration and insight to take your life into your own hands. 

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Aura Photography

Auras surround every living thing; we are constantly enveloped by the energy of the moment. Aura photography is a visual representation of this energy. Each color holds insight about your mood, personality and thoughts. Our digital aura reading technology visualizes aura-chakra-energy. This information is processed by proprietary software that translates the visual energy onto a photograph.

Just stepping into the metaphysical world? We can help.

Find your next class to help expand your knowledge

Tarot readings, crystals, oracle cards, intuition, mediumship and more. Learn about many unique topics from our experienced instructors in a small, intimate class setting. No need to feel intimidated! Our classes our accessible and welcoming to beginners.

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