Psychic Readings

Find the guidance and inspiration you need

Readings are a way to you to explore the different paths ahead of you. To help gain insight while going through major life transitions. Readings can help you understand more about yourself, your fears, passions and quirks. Every reading is unique to each client and reader.

What is a Reading?

Intuitive Psychic Readings

Individual Reading

Couples Reading

Virtual Reading

A psychic reading is a perfect way to receive clarity in your life, to get answers to nagging questions and to see what the future has to offer. Our readers use a variety of tools including Tarot cards, Runes, Ogham, Oracle, Lenormand, and natural psychic ability to provide inspiration to move forward with your goals.

30-minute sessions are best for a deep dive into a single topic or question, while 45 and 60-minute sessions allow time for looking into multiple subjects.

A couples reading allows romantic couples to explore deep emotional topics in an inspirational and positive way. By having both partners in the reading, the reader can focus on all sides of the relationship, providing insight and clarity to inspire and focus the couple into moving forward in the healthiest and happiest way.

All romantic relationships are welcome, we are of course LGBTQ+ inclusive. For platonic, family, and other non-romantic relationships, we suggest a synastry astrology couples reading or a couples aura photography session.

For the safety, comfort, and convenience of our clients, we offer our intuitive psychic reading services virtually in addition to on-site. Both phone readings and Zoom readings are as options for virtual readings.

All of our readers are available for virtual readings. Sessions can be booked for 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, just the same as in-person readings.

The high priestess tarot card

Astrology Services

Natal Birth Chart Astrology

A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born.  Your natal chart gives clues to your major life lessons, shows your destiny, reveals your personality traits and hidden desires, as well as points the way to your soul’s purpose.


  • 30 minutes provides a basic skeleton of your chart, and includes an explanation of your houses and signs.

  •  45 minutes provides a basic explanation of the full chart, including your houses and signs, angular identification, elements, planets, almutens, aspects, and patterns.

  • 60 minutes provides a detailed explanation of the full chart, exploring specifics and details beyond what is covered in the 45-minute sessions.


You will also be able to take home your complete printed chart.

Synastry - Relationship Astrology

Synastry in astrology is the study of two peoples’ birth charts in order to assess their long-term compatibility. Synastry readings can be used to explore long-term compatibility within romantic relationships as well as platonic and business relationships.

Saturn Return Reading

These Powerful readings are for those who are currently experiencing their Saturn Return, would like more insight on their upcoming Saturn Return, or to understand the aftermath of a Saturn Return just completed.

Saturn Returns happen every 27-31 years and are the MOST pivotal time of your life. This is a moment of immense drastic change and transformation. These Saturn Return Readings are here to help you navigate this challenging, yet beautiful time of your life.

Understanding and working with the energy of your Saturn Return is incredibly important and helpful. After we go through your birth chart we will connect your astrology to an intuitive tarot reading to provide you with more guidance on your Saturn Return journey. 

Astrology + Tarot

Want an astrology and tarot reading in combination with the transits in your birth chart? For this reading we will be analyzing your birth chart and transit chart in combination with tarot.

This would be an hour long session where 30 mins are dedicated to going over the your birth chart and answering any astrology questions you may have. The remaining 30 mins will be for a tarot reading.The tarot reading will correspond to your birth chart to offer more insight and clarity on the answers you are seeking.