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Altare Collection

The Altare collection features full and mini Altar Candles that are perfect to use for your altar, rituals, spells, or working with deities. Each candle is infused with a unique fragrance oil and dressed with herbs and crystal chips to enhance the energy and intent of each candle.

Altar Candle

Our largest and longest lasting candles, Altar Candles are a coconut soy wax blend and burn for approximately 100 hours. Our Altar Candle varieties include Protection, Cleansing, Manifestation, Intuition, Goddess, Abundance, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

Tall spell candles. Evoke the element of fire in your rituals and spells with this fire spell candle. Dressed with crystals and herbs to help amplify the power of the candles. magic candle company. magic candle for manifestation
Water Spell candle. This water spell candle will help you connect with the elements. Perfect for the water witches.
Earth Spell Candle. Light this spell candle in ritual or place on your altar to honor the earth and the earth deities.
Intuition spell candle. This candle will help you connect wiht your intuition with ritual and spell work. Perfect for a witch to put on her altar. magic candle for inuition, magic candle company.
Manifestation spell candle. This spell candle will assist you in any of your manifiestation needs. Light this spell candle to bring your manifestations to life.
Air element spell candle. Use this element candle to invoke the elements, call a circle and use in spell work and ritual work.
Abundance spell candle. This candle will help bring magical abundance and wealth into your life. Dressed with crystals and herbs to help attract more abundance into your life. Magic candle for wealth. magic candle for abundance. magic candle for money. magic candle company
Goddess spell candle. Help connect with your divine feminity and the goddess and other goddess dieties.
Cleansing spell candle. Cleanse your energy and space with this candle, with sage in the candle, it will cleanse your energy of all negativity. magic candle for cleansing. magic candle company
Protection spell candle. Place this candle on your altar to bring protection to yourself and your energy. magic candle for protection, magic candle company

Mini Altar Candles

Each Mini Altar Candle is brushed with gold mica powder, which gives the wax a beautiful sparkle as the candle burns. Currently we offer Mini Altar Candles for Protection, Cleansing, Focus, Love, Health, and Money.

Magic candle for cleansing your space and energy
Magic candle for health. Do candle magic with this health candle to bring magic into your life.
How to do candle magic? Use this love candle to do love spells and magic
How to do candle magic? Magic candles for abundance. Magic candle for wealth. Magic candle for money
Magic in a Small Package

Mini Altar Candles are designed with the same energy and intention as our full Altar Candles, but their size makes them perfect for gifts, trying out different scents, or for those who have a small altar space.

Magic candle for protection. Candle spell for protecion. magic candle company
Magic candle for focus. Spell candle for focus. magic candle company
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