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Divinatio Collection

Tarot Candles

Connect with the powerful archetypes of the Major Arcana through our Tarot Candles. Inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, each candle is intuitively curated with a unique fragrance and crystal to radiate the energy of a specific card. Tarot Candles are perfect for those looking to embody the qualities represented by a tarot card, to manifest an energy into their life, or to strengthen their meditations, rituals, spell work, or divination practice. Each candle is made with a coconut wax blend and a unique natural fragrance to match the intention of the candle with a cotton wick for a perfect burn.


The Divinatio Collection features intuitively curated products for practicing divination, strengthening your psychic abilities, and connecting with the energy of traditional divination practices and symbols.

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