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Caring For Your Candle: Candle Care Guide

Candles can make a magical addition to any home. At Downtown Tarot Company we have candles of all colors, sizes, and scents for you to choose from. Owning a candle does come with responsibility though, so here are our tips and tricks for providing your candle with the best care.

1. Candles need a regular trim to keep them looking sharp and burning bright. Always keep your candle’s wick trimmed to ½” even between burns.

2. Unlike plants and cats, candles do NOT like the sun. To maintain your candle’s colorful wax, keep it housed away from direct or indirect sunlight.

3. Candles love getting dressed up with crystals and herbs. However, crystals and herbs should be removed is they are inhibiting the flame from burning. Your candle may not be happy about this, so wait until it has cooled off. Do not remove anything while your candle is lit.

4. Rest is crucial to a candle’s long-term health. Make sure you do not keep your candle lit for longer than four hours at a time.

5. Candles are easily provoked by children and pets, so keep your candle out of reach of tiny hands and paws. Your candle should also be kept away from any flammable objects or substances.

6. Candles love attention and sharing their inner spark. To keep your candle safe and feeling appreciated, always burn it within your sight.

Now that you know the basics of being a responsible candle owner, we hope you enjoy your Downtown Tarot candle!

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