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Divining the Stars: Discover Your Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card

One of the interesting connections between tarot reading and astrology is that each zodiac sign actually corresponds to a specific card in the Tarot Major Arcana. Below you’ll find a description of each zodiac sign and the energetic qualities shared with the corresponding card.

Aries – The Emperor IV

Aries corresponds with the card The Emperor. Aries are known for being fiery, inspired leaders. The Emperor card mirrors this energy, representing authority, independence, and the motivation to take action over your life. In astrology, modalities describe a zodiac sign’s unique expression of energy. Aries is a Cardinal modality, representing the energy of initiation and leadership. Just like The Emperor card signifies, Aries naturally fall into positions of power.

When the energy of Aries/The Emperor is being expressed positively, healthy authority, confidence, and ambition can result. When they are being expressed negatively, this authority can become tyrannical, and action can be displayed as force. Essentially, a balanced Aries/Emperor will lead and uplift others, while an unbalanced Aries/Emperor will dominate others to get their way.

Taurus – The Hierophant V

Taurus corresponds with the card The Hierophant. Both Taurus and The Hierophant symbolize reliability and practicality. While The Hierophant card can indicate institutions like religion and education, the energetic similarity between The Hierophant and Taurus is valuing commitment, tradition, learning, and community.

Taurus is a fixed modality, representing a steadfast and dependable energy. When the energy of Taurus/Hierophant is being expressed positively, healthy structure and valuable traditions can form. A Taurus in balance will be able to fully appreciate and navigate the material, spiritual, and practical aspects of life from a grounded place. When Taurus/Hierophant is expressed negatively, responsibility becomes overbearing, and stubbornness can lead to self-sabotage or close-mindedness.

Gemini – The Lovers VI

Gemini corresponds with the card The Lovers. As Gemini’s are considered the “twins” of the zodiac, their energy is strongly concerned with duality, connection, and how we see ourselves in others. The Lovers mirrors this, as the card can often represent our bonds with others, as well as the integration of the different aspects of ourselves.

Gemini is a mutable modality, representing the energy of change and adaptability. A positive expression of Gemini/Lovers is indicative of acceptance, connection, communication, compassion, and exploring the multifaceted nature or others and the self. A balanced Gemini/Lovers can hold space for nuance and understanding. When expressed negatively, Gemini/Lovers can be two-faced, manipulative, or harshly critical and unaccepting of flaws.

Cancer – The Chariot VII

Cancer corresponds with the card The Chariot. On the surface, the connection between this sign and card is less apparent than the previous. The energy of Cancer is sensitive, protective, emotional, and family-oriented. The Chariot card is about progress, consistency, and direction. The main energies that unite Cancer and the Chariot are resilience and determination. Just as the tough-shelled crabs’ unique legs allow them to move quickly in many directions, The Chariot is about finding a path forward, even when met with challenges.

Cancer is a Cardinal modality, representing the energy of initiation and leadership. When expressed positively, Cancer/Chariot can take on the role of leaders and protectors of their families, friends, and loved ones. Cancer’s often do not want negative things to repeat, and so, like the Chariot, they will seek to grow and progress through difficulty. When expressed negatively, Cancer/Chariot can get stuck, become rigid in tactic or mentality, or move forward in a way that is insensitive or inconsiderate of those around them.

Leo – Strength VIII

Leo corresponds with the card Strength. The similarity of the imagery is very apparent, as Leo’s symbol is a lion and the Strength card depicts a person with a lion. Lions are symbolically bold and formidable, which aligns with the powerful energy of both Leo and Strength. A defining aspect of Leo is confidence and resolve, which is reflected in the Strength card’s focus on one’s inner-strength and willpower to face challenges.

Leo is a fixed modality, representing a steadfast and dependable energy. A positive expression of Leo/Strength is through demonstrating loyalty, passion, and authenticity. A balanced Leo/Strength will be seen as a powerful leader for their and strength of character in times of difficulty. When expressed negatively, Leo/Strength can be selfish, insecure, or overly stubborn and forceful.

Virgo – The Hermit IX

Virgo corresponds with the card The Hermit. The energy of Virgo and The Hermit are highly introspective, seeking clarity and knowledge. Virgo and The Hermit both value understanding, which is reflected in the analytical and methodical approach to decision making. Virgos tend to be good caretakers for others, yet Virgo and The Hermit tend toward isolation when uncovering their deepest insights about themselves and their beliefs.

Virgo is a mutable modality, representing the energy of change and adaptability. A positive expression of Virgo/Hermit can be self-reflection, truth, good decision making, seeking insight or knowledge, and taking healthy alone time to sit with thoughts and feelings. A balanced Virgo/Hermit will know when to think and when to act. When expressed negatively, Virgo/Hermit may become too isolated, judgmental, and focused on perfectionism.

Libra – Justice XI

Libra corresponds with the card Justice. At their core, Libra and the Justice card are about balance. Libra and Justice both seek to understand and navigate different values and perspectives, especially when concerned with fairness, ethics, truth, and karma. Through their focus on truth and fairness, Libra and Justice are often able to reconcile perspectives pragmatism and altruism.

Libra is a Cardinal modality, representing the energy of initiation and leadership. A positive expression of Libra/Justice is through balance, reciprocity, activism, ethics, and maturity in approaching and resolving conflicts or negative cycles. The power of Libra/Justice doesn’t come from an inherent “rightness,” but rather from seeing many sides, being willing to learn, and choosing to lead by example with integrity. When negatively expressed, Libra/Justice can either tend toward being extremely harsh and rigid in perspective, or extremely placating and indecisive.

Scorpio – Death XIII

Scorpio corresponds with the card Death. Scorpio and the Death card are energetically focused on change, and the ways in which people shed older versions of themselves. Both Scorpio and Death have a tendency to be concerned with the macabre, spiritualism, and the darker aspects of human nature. The depths of emotion and intensity of Scorpio and Death are what make their energy so influential to self-exploration and transformation.

Scorpio is a fixed modality, representing a steadfast and dependable energy. Yep, this does contradict with their propensity for change, which can cause many Scorpios to feel very ungrounded at times. A positive expression of Scorpio/Death is embracing change, self-work, mastering adaptability, and maintaining a solid foundation while going through challenging transformations. When expressed negatively, Scorpio/Death can be overly intense, unwilling to face issues, or focused on change to the point where they are not living in the present moment.

Sagittarius – Temperance XIV

Sagittarius corresponds with the card Temperance. Sagittarius is known for being adventurous and knowledge-seeking, while the Temperance card is about moderation, patience, and peace. The energies of Sagittarius and Temperance complement each other by demonstrating how to fully experience the world through a balance approach that doesn’t compromise peace, health, or spiritual well-being.

Sagittarius is a mutable modality, representing the energy of change and adaptability. Sagittarius/Temperance are both concerned with higher knowledge through expansion. A positive expression of Sagittarius/Temperance is exploration, learning, open-mindedness, balancing work/rest/play, spending time and resources wisely, and a peaceful inner self. When expressed negatively, Sagittarius/Temperance may tend toward over-indulgence and risk, or extreme restriction and unwillingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone.

Capricorn – The Devil XV

Capricorn corresponds with the card The Devil. Capricorn and The Devil share a focus on control, power, and the “shadow” aspects of self. Although Capricorn is known for being resourceful and ambitious, they can also struggle with obsessive, addictive, and manipulative energy as represented by The Devil. The Devil also indicates the “darker” aspects or urges of Capricorn that when repressed can lead to self-loathing, but when explored in a healthy, nonjudgmental way, can become a source of acceptance and power.

Capricorn is a Cardinal modality, representing the energy of initiation and leadership. A positive expression of Capricorn/Devil is determination, resourcefulness, strong work ethic, responsibility, and loyalty. When negatively expressed, Capricorn/Devil can become controlling, obsessive, negative, manipulative, stressed, and lack playfulness.

Aquarius – The Star XVII

Aquarius corresponds with the card The Star. Aquarius and The Star are both energies of hope, inspiration, uniqueness, and forward-thinking. The Star is also representative of attention and admiration, which many Aquarians naturally attract due to their unique personalities or talents. Both Aquarius and The Star are about dreams and envisioning possibilities.

Aquarius is a fixed modality, representing a steadfast and dependable energy. No matter the circumstances, Aquarius/Star will come up with an idea, creation, or silver lining to help. A positive expression of Aquarius/Star is hopefulness, innovation, intellect, progressive thinking, and problem solving. When expressed negatively, Aquarius/Star can be proud, overly rebellious, cruel with words, emotionally distant, and lack dependability.

Pisces – The Moon XVIII

Pisces corresponds with the card The Moon. Pisces and The Moon both represent very intuitive, creative, emotional, and spiritual energy. As the moon rules over the tides, Pisces energy is highly influenced by the ebb and flow of emotions. Pisces and The Moon can be very creative and dreamy, but also share connections to the unknown, secrets, mysteries, and fears.

Pisces is a mutable modality, representing the energy of change and adaptability. A positive expression of Pisces/Moon is intuitive insights, vulnerability, empathy, creativity, artistic expression, and exploring spiritual knowledge and practices. When expressed negatively, Pisces/Moon can face self-doubt, confusion, delusion, lack of confidence, self-victimization, and be overly sensitive.

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