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Summer Solstice: How to Celebrate

The Summer Solstice

This year the Summer Solstice will occur on June 21, marking the start of summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere. During the Summer Solstice, the sun moves across its northernmost path in the sky, resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the year. For those who observe the pagan Wheel of the Year, the Summer Solstice is known as Litha, and has historical ties to the Celtic goddess Danu.

The Summer Solstice, or Litha, is a wonderful time for celebration and appreciating all that you have. Unlike many of the other notable dates on the Wheel of the Year that we’ve discussed, the Summer Solstice does not usher in a time of new beginnings or intense change, but instead offers a time of stability, expansion, abundance, and gratitude. The Summer Solstice is when the seeds of projects, goals, or intentions you planted in the early spring should be growing and taking shape, allowing you to accept the successes in your life and how far you’ve come.

Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

For those in the metaphysical or pagan communities, there are many symbols, objects, and deities that have significance for the Summer Solstice. Below you’ll find a few ideas about how you can celebrate of the Summer Solstice this year.

1. Crystals – The sun is a powerful source of energy, especially during the Summer Solstice when we have the longest hours of sunlight. Use the solstice as an opportunity to charge sun-safe crystals with the sun’s rays. The sun can discolor some crystals, so make sure to do your research before leaving any crystals out in the sunlight.

2. Deities – If you currently work with any sun deities or spirits, or you hope to, the Summer Solstice is the perfect time to honor them, seek guidance, or deepen your spiritual connection. You can do this in many ways, such as leaving an offering for them on your altar, reading their myths and histories, or using meditation and divination tools to commune with them. Common sun/light deities may include, Danu, the Oak King, Lugh, Hathor, Ra, Apollo, Helios, Sol, Amatersu, and many more.

3. Gratitude Journal – The Summer Solstice places an emphasis on feelings of appreciation, abundance, and gratitude. Making a gratitude list or journal can be a great way to put into perspective the blessings in your life. This act also raises your vibration, aligning you with the sun’s energy and opening you up to more experiences of joy.

4. Kitchen/Herb Magic – The Summer Solstice asks us to remember the abundance provided by the earth, and so herbs, flowers, plants, vegetables, and fruits are resources to show appreciation for during this time. You can also use these ingredients for mindful eating practices or for kitchen witchery, infusing them with positive intentions and magic. Herbs especially can be dried or made into sachets, soaps, or teas, then stored away to be used again in the winter, providing a reminder of, and connection to, the earth when it was in bloom.

5. Suncatcher Workshop - On Wednesday, June 14 at 6pm, DTC will be hosting a suncatcher crafting workshop at our store in Rochester, Michigan. During the workshop you will be led through the process of constructing a suncatcher and infusing it with intention to amplify your manifestation abilities. This can be a manifesting tool all year around but will definitely be strengthened by the power of the Summer Solstice. You can sign up for the workshop in-store, over the phone, or online.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can celebrate the Summer Solstice. Do you have more ideas? Leave us a comment! We would love to hear about how you plan to

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