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Tapping into Your Inner Psychic: Identify Your Strongest Psychic Ability with This Quiz

Everyone is psychic. Yes, really! Although psychic abilities may seem like a unique power, every person actually has the potential to develop their psychic senses. Think of it like this: some people may be born with a natural aptitude for drawing, but everyone can improve their drawing skills by taking an art class or practicing regularly. It is much the same with psychic abilities; some people may have a natural talent, but everyone has the potential to access their psychic abilities to some degree. Just like a muscle, these abilities can be strengthened with practice and use.

Whether you are already in-tune with your psychic abilities or just beginning to explore them, the following quiz will look at which of the five primary psychic senses, or “clairs,” you experience most strongly.


Begin the Quiz

The following are experience statements that relate to five of the different "clairs" or psychic senses. For each question, multiple statements my apply. Select ALL of the statements that are true for you.

For each question record the letter of the statement(s) that apply to you. At the end you will add up your score to reveal your strongest psychic abilities.


1. I am most perceptive of or sensitive to…

A. Thoughts

B. Sights

C. Sounds

D. Scents

E. Emotions