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Tapping into Your Inner Psychic: Identify Your Strongest Psychic Ability with This Quiz

Everyone is psychic. Yes, really! Although psychic abilities may seem like a unique power, every person actually has the potential to develop their psychic senses. Think of it like this: some people may be born with a natural aptitude for drawing, but everyone can improve their drawing skills by taking an art class or practicing regularly. It is much the same with psychic abilities; some people may have a natural talent, but everyone has the potential to access their psychic abilities to some degree. Just like a muscle, these abilities can be strengthened with practice and use.

Whether you are already in-tune with your psychic abilities or just beginning to explore them, the following quiz will look at which of the five primary psychic senses, or “clairs,” you experience most strongly.


Begin the Quiz

The following are experience statements that relate to five of the different "clairs" or psychic senses. For each question, multiple statements my apply. Select ALL of the statements that are true for you.

For each question record the letter of the statement(s) that apply to you. At the end you will add up your score to reveal your strongest psychic abilities.


1. I am most perceptive of or sensitive to…

A. Thoughts

B. Sights

C. Sounds

D. Scents

E. Emotions

2. My superpower is…

A. I'm a human lie-detector; I trust my gut instinct

B. My imagination and ability to visualize things I haven't seen before

C. Giving advice. Words feel like they are being channeled through me

D. Having a strong association between scents and people, places, or memories

E. Empathizing with people or feeling when they are physically unwell

3. During a meditation, I primarily…

A. Let thoughts "pop" into my mind

B. Visualize in my mind's eye

C. Focus on external sounds or my inner monologue

D. Notice any scents or fragrances that I smell

E. Focus on what I feel physically, emotionally, or energetically

4. I tend to _________ even when others do not.

A. Know when something is about to happen (phone call, accident, etc.)

B. See figures, orbs, or shadows out of the corner of my eye

C. Hear sounds, voices, or music

D. Smell odors (perfumes, cigarettes, food, etc.) that are not in my surroundings

E. Feel the vibe of a person or place without knowing any context

5. Lying in bed at night, I…

A. Get clear insights or thoughts that come to me

B. Have very vivid dreams (maybe even some that come true?)

C. Hear voices just before falling asleep or when just waking up

D. Smell fragrances that remind me of memories or loved ones who have passed

E. Feel like someone is standing near or watching me even when I am alone

6. True or False: I have a strong sense of inner knowing, and get accurate insights about people or situations even when it is just a "hunch" or a "guess"

A. True

F. False

7. True or False: I see (externally or in the mind's eye) colors or numbers around people

B. True

F. False

8. True or False: In my head, I hear (or see written) words in a voice that feels separate from my inner monologue

C. True

F. False

9. True or False: I have smelled odors that remind me of a loved one who has passed, even when nothing in my surroundings gives off that scent

D. True

F. False

10. True or False: even if I can't see a spirit, I can feel where they are in a location

E. True

F. False

Calculating Your Score

Add up the total number of each letter that you chose. The letter that you have the most of will indicate your strongest psychic ability. You may find that you have one very developed ability, or you may have a wider range of abilities. Both of these outcomes are good! This quiz is primarily meant to help assess what psychic senses you have the strongest aptitude for. From there, you can develop them in any way that you want.

Mostly A - Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

Claircognizance is the psychic ability most associated with your intuition or "gut instinct." With this psychic ability you are able to connect with your intuition, higher self, or other spiritual beings to receive insight about ideas, people, or situations. Those with a strong affinity for claircognizance are often human "lie-detectors," as they know when a situation feels off to them. Many also describe being able to anticipate phone calls, accidents, or interactions with people who were just on their mind.

Mostly B - Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

Clairvoyance is the psychic ability most commonly referenced outside of metaphysical communities. Those with strong clairvoyant abilities can often see spirits, auras, or energy either externally or internally, as well as receive spiritual messages through images they see in their third eye (mind's eye). People with an affinity for clairvoyance also often have very vivid and prophetic dreams. One way you can work on improving your clairvoyance is by keeping a dream journal.

Mostly C - Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Clairaudience is the psychic ability most associated with language and hearing. Often misunderstood, those with strong clairaudience may hear spiritual messages externally, but more commonly they will hear messages internally. This can best be described as similar to one's inner monologue. Except with clairaudience, the words, phrases, and voices that "pop in" sound/feel very separate from the inner monologue. Think of it like wearing headphones inside your brain. Clairaudience can also sometimes be experienced by seeing (mind's eye) written words or phrases.

Mostly D - Clairsalience (Clear Smelling)

Clairsalience is not as widely talked about as a psychic ability, but is quite common for people to experience. Those with strong clairsalience will often smell odors or fragrances that are not present in their surroundings. These scents are often associated with particular people, places, events, or memories. Beings will send these "spiritual scents" to those with clairsalience in order to indicate a spirit's presence or convey a message.

Mostly E - Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)

Clairsentience is the psychic ability most closely related to physical and emotional sensations. Those with strong clairsentience physically feel the energy of other beings (living or in spirit). Many clairsentient individuals make great medical intuitives, as they can connect with physical pain or illness, as well as pet psychics. Those with clairsentience can also accurately feel the "vibe" or energy of a person, place, or situation even without any context.

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