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Intention sprays are a wonderful way to cleanse, protect, or amplify positive energy in a space. A great alternative to energy clearing techniques that require burning, such as herb bundles, candles, or incense, Intention Sprays are easy to use and intuitively curated for your specific needs. 

Tropical Leaves
How to Use

1. Choose the space that you would like to cleanse, protect, or bring the new, positive energy into.

2. Set an intention for what the spray will do. This can be a mental note, a visualization, a spoken phrase—anything that makes the process feel meaningful to you. 

3. Always shake your spray well before using. 

4. Uncap and spray around your chosen area. There is no correct amount, so use however many spritzes feels right to you.

5. Take a moment to feel, welcome, and enjoy any energetic shifts that occur in your space.

6. Store your Intention Spray away from heat and direct sunlight to prolong its expiry. 

7. Intention Sprays can be used in a space as frequently as you feel is necessary.

Each Intention Spray is 3   fl oz of liquid in a clear bottle. Intention Sprays are made from a combination of distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils, and liquid-safe crystals.


Intention Sprays are for external use only.

Always shake well before using.

Never direct sprays at pets or other people.

Use caution in environments with those who have allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients.


Essential Oil Rollers


Intention Oils comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a stainless-steel roller. Each blend is crafted from a combination of almond oil and essential oils, and is infused with crystals and natural flowers. Below are the varieties of intention rollers with the essential oils they contain. 

Intention Oil Rollers are designed as an everyday tool for spiritual self-care. The magic of intention rollers comes from the ritual of setting an intention, amplifying it with an intuitively curated oil blend, and activating it through application on your skin. This process is an easy way to make infusing and enhancing your energy a part of your daily routine.

  1. Choose an external area on your body to apply your oil roller. Some areas may be more effective than others at absorbing the essential oil blend. Recommended areas include:

    • Temples

    • Inner wrists

    • Pulse points

    • Behind the ears

    • Back of the neck

  2. Set your intention for the energy you want the oil roller to help you embody. You can also do this with a specific goal in mind. For example, you could use the Abundance or Manifestation Roller before a job interview, or you could use the Intuition Roller before you go to sleep to help induce lucid dreaming. There are endless possibilities, so be creative!

  3. With your intention set, gently roll the oil across the desired spot. If need be, rub the oil to blend it into your skin.

  4. Your energy is set for the rest of the day, so enjoy the wonderful scent!


Intention Oil Rollers are for external use only. Do not ingest.

Intention Oil Rollers are safe for everyday use on your skin.

Intention Oil Rollers are not perfume, so the scent may not be as strong as cosmetic fragrance oils.

Ritual Oil Droppers

Ritual Oil Droppers are designed to empower spiritual practices, rituals, and anointing. Amplified by unique blends of essential oils, crystals, and flowers, Ritual Oil Droppers enhance intentions, spells, and manifestations, as well as strengthens your connection to the divine.

Nature Background

How to use

  1. Choose an object to anoint with your Ritual Oil. A few ideas may include:

    • Anointing divination tools with Intuition Oil or Cleansing Oil.

    • Anointing your doorframe or windows with Protection Oil to keep out negative energies.

    • Anointing your mirror with Love Oil to enhance the energy of self-love.

    • Anointing a money bowl or wallet to attract abundance.

    • Anointing papers or bay leaves with wishes written on them with the Manifestation Oil.

    • Adding any of the Ritual Oils as dressings for candles or as a component in rituals and spells.

  2. Ritual Oils are also safe to use on your body. As the essential oils can cause irritation to sensitive skin, we recommend doing a skin test on a small area before applying frequently or in large amounts.

  3. As you anoint or use your Oil Dropper, set your intention for your goal or the energy you are hoping to call in. 

  4. You can use your Oil Dropper as frequently as you feel called to and in many creative ways. Also, take time to enjoy the wonderful scent!

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